Our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognise that our business depends on the hard work, dedication and performance of our employees. We encourage our employees to focus on achievement through sincere efforts, hard work and services.

ERNER always believe in team-work as team-work divides the task and multiplies the success.

ERNER provides healthy environment to employees which enables them to contribute to their potential.

ERNER committed to provide equal opportunities, fairness in work, mutual respect and dignity at work to all our employees.

We strongly feel that committed ‘People’, innovative ‘Products’ and effective ‘Processes’ only can keep us moving continuously on the path of ‘Progress’.

We believe that skills and knowledge of our employees are critical to the success of the organization. Towards this end, necessary support and financial help are extended if any employee intends to upgrade his/her professional skills. We strive to provide a constructive work atmosphere in the company which is free from harassment and sensitive to the diverse culture of our employees. We strive to maintain a positive work environment where our employees treat one another with.

Grow with us

We are determined to attract highly motivated and talented individuals to work as a team and share commitment, responsibility, risk taking and decision making to achieve our vision. Towards this end, we have built a culture that promotes both uniqueness and strong base for action. Besides being realistic in setting goals and expectations, we will be aggressive in reaching our objectives. This will enable us to give our employees a matching compensation on par with the industry, and innovative benefits, which are key to maintaining our leadership position in the Pharma market.